In the Beginning – Toronto, 1979. Akropolis Phyllo Products Inc. started out as Akropolis Pastries, a small bakery cafe specializing in traditional hand-crafted Greek phyllo pastries, back in 1979. At the time, Akropolis Pastries was one of the first purveyors of Greek food in Toronto, Canada and it remains one of the oldest businesses on Danforth Avenue, the city’s now famous Greektown.

Soon after opening, Akropolis began wholesaling, manufacturing and distributing their products frozen as a response to the overwhemling requests from other local restaurateurs. With well-respected supermarkets such as Pusateri’s Fine Foods and Highland Farms added to the company’s growing list of customers, Akropolis Pastries outgrew its small shop in Greek Town.

This rapid expansion resulted in the birth of Akropolis Phyllo Products Inc., the wholesale manufacturing division of Akropolis Pastries retail store.