"Back to basics" seems to be the trend for a number of our new products.
This unique line of frozen entrees is made with completely natural ingredients, absolutely no preservatives and of course, NEVER any Trans fat. Original recipes from northern Greece, reproduced for your culinary joy and satisfaction.

There are 5 basic products, each one having both retail and food service applications.

  • Spinach & cheese pies (Spanakopita),

  • Plain Cheese pies (Tyropita),
  • 100% Vegan pies (Baked Potato, Caramelized Onions & Sauteed Leek),
  • Sweet Custard pies (Bougatsa) and
  • Apple pies.

Each recipe comes in 1oz Mini Rolls – perfect for any social event that calls for a "bite size" appetizer. As a meal replacement they come in 5oz & 8oz Swirls.

Our Appetizers and Entrees go straight from the freezer to the oven at 350° for
35 minutes. You don't need to add anything.