ll of our imported olives come from Greece. We take pride in the caliber and work ethic of our overseas collaborators. We unconditionally guarantee the authenticity of the country of origin, the olive size and the exact drained net weight of each and every olive product we import.

We carry three basic varieties:

  • Kalamata Olives
  • Greek Black Olives (Volos) and
  • Green Olives (Agrinion)

We feature each variety as a whole product, pitted or sliced. All olives come in various containers for both food service & retail applications.

Kalamata Greek Olives

The classic Greek Olive for Salads and Meze

8106K: Kalamata Superior 12kr

8108: Kalamata Ex. Large 12kg

8106: Kalamata Jumbo 12kg

8107: Kalamata Ex. Jumbo 12kg

8131: Kalamata Giant 12kg

8109: Kalamata Colossal 12kg

8126: Kalamata Super Colossal 12kg

8100: Kalamata Ex. Large Mini pail 6x2kg

8134: Kalamata Pitted small 10kg

8127: Kalamata Pitted large 10kg

Green Greek Olives

From Halkidiki, Northern Greece , a basic ingredient for any bar or table

8158: Nafplion Greek Olives 12kg

8139: 5 Olive Greek Mix 10lbs

8124: 5 Olive Greek mix Pitted 11lbs

8186: Green Pitted stuff w/Pimento 22lbs

8185: Green Pitted stuffed w/Garlic 22lbs

8182: Green Pitted stuff w/Almond 22lbs

8181: Green Pitted 22lbs

8141: GREEN Cracked Colossal 12kg

8156: GREEN Super Colossal 12kg

Black Greek Olives

8180: Greek OIL cured “Throuba” 2x3kg

8136: Greek Black Colossal “Volos” 12kg

8137: Greek Black S. Colossal Volos” 12kg

8133: Greek Black Mammoth Volos” 12kg

MOROCCAN Oil Cured 4x11lbs

Alfonso Olives 12kg